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Richard Howells


Recent Journalism

“Smoking’s Hotter Than Vaping” in the Oldie, September 2023, p. 32. I argue that cigarettes are lethal but that the act of smoking could be visually stylish. Vaping, however, can never be cool. 


“Not Simply the Best: On Matthew Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy” in the New Criterion, Volume 41, Number 6, February, 2023.I argue that Matthew Arnold's work on culture deserves to be re-read and re-considered.

“Arise, Sir Arnold?” in the New Criterion, Volume 41, Number 1, September, 2022, pp. 35-39. I explore Arnold Bennett's literary spat with Virginia Woolf, and argue that this was rooted in class tension rather than literary theory. I conclude by substantiating, for the first time, the truth about Bennett and the knighthood that never was.


“The Value of Art” in EXON, the magazine of Exeter College, University of Oxford, Issue 20, Autumn, 2017, pp. 12-14. I welcome a new collection of 20th century art at Oxford and argue how much living with modern art adds to college life.

“Dramatic Restitution” in The Times Higher Education, November 27, 2014, pp. 44-45. This is a feature article on the BAFTA-winning docu-drama "The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies", directed by Roger Michell. I discuss the challenges of mixing fact with entertainment.


“Faking Cats and Dogs: Shades of Grey Among the Online Lowrys” in The Times Higher Education, October 3, 2013, p. 48. This is a feature article on my collection of fake drawings supposedly by LS Lowry. I discuss the perils of buying art on the internet.


C/O Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries

King's College London

London WC2R 2LS

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