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Richard Howells



C/O Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries

King's College London

London WC2R 2LS

Academic Values


I believe in:

The intrinsic value of knowledge; curiosity-driven research; academic autonomy; freedom of expression; intellectual courtesy and generosity; art for art’s sake. I believe that knowing more about the world makes the world a better -and more enjoyable- place.


I believe that:

There are some things that money cannot buy; education is for life, not just a job;  there is an umbilical link between media, education and democracy; that the rigorous study of culture is not a luxury but a necessity.


I oppose:

The marketization of higher education; the ideological oversight of curricula by either right or left; "impact" as a measure of the value of the arts and humanities.


I support:

Amnesty International


I am indebted to:

Ernst Bloch; Clifford Geertz; Roland Barthes; Roger Fry


I believe:

That life can be better than it is, and that that is up to us –and only us.


Dr Grumpy
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